John Cena Played His Role Amazingly During His ‘Trainwreck’ Scene.

1 Here is our Star – John Cena

Recently John cena participated on Amy Schumer Movie, The “TrainWreck”

2 Not Faking

During recent interview, Amy admitted that “He was actually inside me”. Well, wrestlers never fake!

3 Another Witness

Bill Hader, who participated in TrainWreck as well, also admitted that “It was the first sex scene for John, I’m not sure he got the point of acting…”

4 Our Hero Response –

” Well, I felt a lil bit uncomfortable regards this manner. I didn’t want Amy to feel ashamed or uncomfortable with me. I must admit that Amy have a great sense of humor and understanding, she is really awesome!” ” I’m so delightful the team was embracing me and it was an amazing experience for me”