Lost sheep found buried under 89 pounds of its own wool

A sheep in Canberra, Australia, that had become lost and separated from its flock was found completely buried in his own wool which, without shearing, had overgrown to cartoonish levels.

The sheep, dubbed “Chris,” was rescued and shorn – perhaps for the first time ever – yielding 89 pounds of wool which, according to the Associated Press, is the equivalent of roughly 30 sweaters.

According to a a sheep-shearing champions named Ian Elkins the sheep likely suffered for years in its terribly overgrown condition.

“I don’t reckon he’s been shorn before and I reckon he’d be 5 or 6 years old,” Elkins said.

And, indeed, according to Tammy Ven Dange, chief executive of the Canberra RSPCA, Chris was in a bad state when he was found: weak, underweight, and fearful of humans.

“When we first brought him in yesterday, he was really shy, he was shaking, he would move his head away from people and he could barely get up and walk,” she said.

He was also suffering from “skin burns from urine trapped in his fleece” which sounds about as uncomfortable as being trapped under 89 pounds of sweltering wool in Australia.

But luckily after being shorn and freed from his burden, Chris has found a new lease on life.