A few time lapse videos that will knock your socks off

Photographers have been busy getting some great shots of Mother Nature lately, both locally and around the globe.

Let’s start locally — I’m sure many of you saw the incredible sunset Wednesday night. Well, Michael Reid did the photos one better by capturing a time lapse video of the sunset from his perch high atop the Columbia Center tower (video above).

It reminds me of one of my favorite movies he’s shot form earlier this year when sunset combined with fog for this dramatic shot:

Speaking of dramatic, take a look at this video just released from the Calbuco volcano eruption in southern Chile back in April. You’ve probably seen photos before of this eruption that created a Hollywood movie-style sunset scene, but this video was from a group of photographers that had quite a bit of professional equipment on hand for an unrelated project when the volcano unexpectedly blew.

The Northern Lights are always good for some jaw drops:

And finally, one from one of my favorite Northern Lights photographers, Ole Salomonsen of Tromso, Norway. This might look like time lapse video, but it’s not — Salomensen says it’s all in real time. Yes, the aurora sometimes shimmers at this speed: