A Fabulous Dance Movie Supercut Set to Donna Summer’s ‘Last Dance’

It’s been three years this past month that we lost the legendary Queen of Disco, Donna Summer too soon. Even more than the Bee Gees or any other disco act, her songs defined an entire genre of music, and have stood the test of time. Was there ever a hotter two-song intro on a single piece of vinyl than ‘Hot Stuff’ and ‘Bad Girls’? (the answer is no, by the way, and if you need to remind yourself of why, just click here). And Donna Summer and her longtime producer Giorgio Moroder practically invented modern electronic dance music with their single ‘I Feel Love‘, a number which still gets people packed on the dance floor, whether it’s retro night at the club or not. And before Beyonce or Gaga or even Madonna were mixing up sex with dance music, there was Donna Summer’s ‘Love To Love You Baby‘. In short, Donna Summer was the definition of Diva and a legend.

Of course, all the movies you’d expect to be included are here- Saturday Night Fever, Dirty Dancing, Fame, Flashdance, All That Jazz, Footloose, West Side Story, Grease, Boogie Nights and Pulp Fiction, and thrown in are some other movies that aren’t as well known for the dance scenes but absolutely have them, like Summer of Sam and Reality Bites. More modern moves like Silver Linings Playbook and Center Stage are included as well, and a few more surprises. So sit back and watch this great video, and just try and do it without tapping your feet just a little.