British woman arrested for ‘stripping naked’ on sacred mountain and ‘causing deadly earthquake’

Indigenous Malaysians blame the natural disaster that killed 16 people on 10 Westerners who stripped off on Mount Kinabalu

A British woman has been arrested for ‘stripping naked’ on a sacred Malaysian mountain which locals believe caused one of the country’s deadliest earthquakes.

At least 16 people died on Friday when a 5.9 magnitude quake rocked the capital Kuala Lumpur.

But government officials in the mixed-religion country blamed the natural disaster on 10 ‘Western’ tourists, who were pictured stripping off on the 4,000 metre tall Mount Kinabalu on May 30.

Furious indigenous people in the city of Sabah claimed they ‘angered the spirit of the mountain’ after the picture went viral on Facebook and WhatsApp.

 Mount Kinabalu, South East Asia's highest peak, in East Malaysia's state of Sabah
Spirits: Locals believe the Mount Kinabalu to be of spiritual and religious significance