Extended Preview of JURASSIC WORLD

We’re counting down the days until the thunderous sound of dinosaur footsteps once again invades our local cinemas, and our hearts? That’s right, Jurassic World hits theaters on Friday, June 12th, and Universal isn’t pulling any more punches when it comes to marketing. They know what you want, and they’re giving it to you. In the newest “Extended First Look,” we get to see just that — a little bit more of scenes we’ve seen glimpses of already, and definitely some shots we haven’t seen yet at all. And you know what? It looks pretty darn scary, getting back to what made us excited about the first Jurassic Park 22 years ago (I always feel old when I say that).

A couple of the new sequences really have us tensing up already; one of them features the young brothers in the bubble car thing arguing over whether they count four dinosaurs or five. Well, there’s four ankylosauruses in front of them… Man, that’s going to be freaky. Another is just a quick little thing where Bryce Dallas Howard attempts to drive away and a velociraptor’s head comes crashing through the driver’s side door. I mean, if she doesn’t have a soiled pair of pants at that point, then she’s not a human being. Or she hasn’t eaten in a while. And never underestimate the terror factor of the pterodactyls. Pterror? Yeah! Copyright that!
Via nerdist