9-Year-Old Girl Builds Shelters For The Homeless And Grows Food For Them, Too

Though Hailey Fort is only 9 years old, she has already done more to help the homeless and needy than many of us have. This young girl spends her free time building mobile shelters for the homeless, and even grows food and provides toiletries for them, too!

When Fort was 5 years old, she asked her mother, Miranda, about helping a homeless man she saw in Bremerton, Washington, where she lives. Her mother said yes, and now they work together to help the needy. The man she helped, Edward, has become her friend. She builds the shelters, “so then you don’t get rained on and you feel safe and stay dry.” “It just doesn’t seem right that there are homeless people,” Hailey told King 5 News. “I think everyone should have a place to live.”

When Hailey was 5, she saw a homeless man and asked her mom whether she could help him by buying a sandwich

Since then, this 9-year-old has been building mobile shelters to help her homeless friends

“It just doesn’t seem right that there are homeless people. I think everyone should have a place to live”

Thanks to discounts, each shelter costs only about $300 to build

She gets some help and guidance from her parents but does much of the construction herself

She also plans to grow 250lbs of food for the homeless in her little garden

The roofed and windowed 8x4ft (2.4×1.2m) shelters are built with pallets, recycled denim insulation and wheels so they can be moved

You can help her by buying items on her Amazon ‘wedding registry’ or by contributing to her GoFundMe campaign