Paris Has Had Enough of Your Love and Decided to Break a Hundred Thousand Hearts

It’s become a tradition for tourists to Paris to add “love locks” to the Pont des Arts in Paris.

But lovers will no longer be able to leave a padlock on the bridge over The Seine as a romantic token after today.

As the council began the heart-breaking process of tearing down the mementos.

City Workmen arrived on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris early this morning  to remove the 700,000 estimated ‘love locks’, weighing as much as 20 elephants.

The move comes over fears that the sheer weight of the padlocks was putting the 19th century structure at risk.

Last summer, one of the metal grilles fell into the river after the metal failed under the additional weight of the locks.

Parisians may be happy to reclaim their bridges, but how are tourists reacting to the taking down of the locks?

The railings on the bridge is now bareThe railings on the bridge is now bare

“It’s a bit silly and unfortunate,” Jean, 57, who came from Marseille with his partner, told one newspaper.

“It’s symbolic to add a padlock to seal your love on this bridge here in Paris, the city of love.”

Instead of metal grilles, the panels will be replaced by ‘padlock-proof’ plexiglass in an effort to thwart loving couples.