A Sweet Moose Family Spent A Day Playing In Sprinklers

Human and animal residents of Alaska are more accustomed to temperate weather this time of year, but with record-breaking heat in regions over the past few days, everyone has been looking for a way to cool down. While humans can simply stay inside with their AC, animals, like this adorable moose family, are having a harder time.

But thanks to a helpful homeowner who saw the little family wandering by, they were able to chill out and have a blast playing with a sprinkler. The twin calves scamper around while their mom keeps a close eye before joining in on the fun herself. It’s the sweetest thing.

“Tag, you’re it!”

"Tag, you're it!"


“No, YOU’RE it!!”

"No, YOU'RE it!!"Featured


“Back off, babies, it’s mom’s turn.”

"Back off, babies, it's mom's turn."


Via The Dodo