Watch Buster The Husky Do This Hilarious Thing When He Wants Inside

We all have our unusual habits, and that goes for our pets, too; but no matter how amusing you find your aunt’s extensive Matryoshka doll collection, I guarantee that this husky’s preferred pastime is nothing short of hilarious.

Training their camera on their husky outside, they realized he’d been doing something a little unusual. One minute he was sitting before the window unabashed, and the next moment he began licking the window with his mouth wide open. “He looks like a polar bear!” comments one amused bystander.

“One day there’ll be a weak spot,” laughs another. But what’s causing all this bizarre behavior?

“Lots of dogs lick floors, walls, concrete, metal, etc.,” says Dr. Michael Richards of VetInfo. I do not know of a consistent link to any particular problem that underlies this behavior.” The does, however, point out that it could be a compulsion. My childhood dog did, and she was fit as a fiddle.

Every dog is different and should see a veterinarian if there’s a chance that any health issues are present. But if it’s just a weird tick, Cesar Milan says, “You should also take a look at how you have been reacting to the licking … Be sure to only give her the appropriate affection and attention when she is in a calm-submissive state.”

In the meantime, make sure there’s a different between a puppy in need and a dog that’s being a total goober!