This Baby Sees His Mom’s Twin For The First Time And It’s Priceless

One of the first things babies see after birth is their mother’s face and it only takes a little while for them to begin to recognize it.

Their mommy’s face quickly becomes a baby’s favorite thing in the world to look at. It makes sense since moms are usually the one’s nurturing the little tykes and spending most time staring into their eyes.

That’s probably why this 10-month-old baby in the video below appeared to have the shock of his life when he met his mother’s twin sister for the first time. The boy’s father shared the video on YouTube and called his reaction “hilarious” – but that’s just downplaying it.

Like the baby who seemed confused when he met his dad’s twin for the first time, this little boy’s expression is priceless and incomparable. Wait till you see it!

The baby boy looked like he was examining every inch of his aunt’s face wondering how it’s possible. If only he was able to verbalize what he was thinking in that very moment!

You can’t really blame the little fella, though. I mean, imagine being that age and seeing two of your mom. I think most babies would react the same way.