Photos That Prove Doug The Pug Is Better At Taking Selfies Than Kim Kardashian

When it comes to the selfie, Kim Kardashian is the undisputed queen — who else would even think to compile a collection of selfies and publish it as a book?

But a contender has entered the fray, threatening to knock that selfie crown off Queen Kim’s head: Doug the Pug.

Doug the pug is a internet sensation, what you haven’t heard of him? Well he is famous on Instagram with over 300k followers.

Courtesy of Mashable comes this hilarious series of photos in which Internet phenom Doug the Pug provides his own inimitable take on some of Kim’s most memorable selfies.

I have to admit, for a male pug, Doug rocks those panties quite well, not to mention that he’s all natural with no plastic surgery.

See for yourself:

At The Jungle

Doug’s natural face beats Kim’s contoured cheeks every time!

Sexy Selfie

For someone who has a sex tape out there, Kim should know better than to pose in her underwear! Doug, on the other hand, should only pose in his underwear. He looks fierce!


He doesn’t even feel the need to lower his face for a selfie: Doug embraces every wrinkle and his gorgeous double chin.

Battle Of The Tongues

Doug’s tongue is simply way prettier than Kim’s — and obviously much longer!


Your boobs aren’t that great, Kim. Doug’s, on the other hand …

Mrs. West