Incredibly Detailed Drawings Show The Damage We’ve Done To Mother Earth

A painstaking amount of time was spent on detailing every environmental wrongdoing that is being done to mother earth. Every millimeter of space in the creative has been thought about in great detail and has been used to make a pertinent point. This project was about detail, detail and more detail.

A very real, everyday style of illustration has been used to present things as they are. No poetic license was taken to make things look darker or grimmer. And yet what comes out is a picture that is real but still scary .

Keeping the overall tonality to black and white of the symbol of Yin and Yang, we still managed to use colors to highlight various elements. We managed to blend these colors well in to the overall scheme of Yin and Yang.

This illustration has been done for Greenpeace, India.

Yin Yang – Land

Yin Yang – Water

Yin Yang – Air