Group Of People Deadlift A Bus To Save A Trapped Unicyclist

A cyclist’s leg was crushed and trapped by a bus, until a group of strangers decided that they were having none of it.

hold up!”

Almost 100 people came to dig deep and lift the 12-ton, double-decker bus off the cyclist’s leg – all before emergency services arrived. It’s pretty amazing to see them move this massive machine, the bus was most likely very surprised.

An off-duty Paramedic was the first on the scene: “When I got there the patient was already out from under the bus and members of public said they had freed him by lifting the bus. It was definitely a great help to me as it meant I could start treating him straight away,” he said.

The unicyclist was carted off to East London hospital and is in serious condition. No arrests have been made, but it’s probably because there aren’t any laws specific to one-wheeled bike accidents.