Toys From The ’80s Kids Would Have No Idea How To Use Today

“But what’s a cassette?”

It’s sad they’ll never know the joys of a mix tape.

“Wait, this is suppose to scare me?”

Uh, yea, the Marshmallow Man is scary as shiznit.

“What is that spirally thing?”

You mean a cord?????

“So this is like the app Trivia Crack?”

Yes, and it’s called a board game.

“But doesn’t this go against Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ Program?”

No one was moving back then either.

What do you mean I have to blow on it to get it to work?”

Bubble Bobble was the best game ever.

“This is stupid. I can’t take this everywhere.”

It was always a panic when the batteries died mid-game. Ah, the struggles!

“But do they use antibiotics?”

Eh, no one cared back then just as long as it was fast and yummy.

“Who is this?”

You did not just ask me that.  It’s the King of Pop!

“Siri, what is this?”

Why would you carry around a radio?”