Julia Roberts Delivers A Powerful Message On Behalf Of Mother Nature

Conservation International (CI) presents a new series, “Nature Is Speaking.” Since January 1987, CI has been revolutionizing the way that conservation efforts are being done. The organization is known for its groundbreaking programs like the debt-for-nature swap where they paid off a portion of Bolivia’s national debt with an agreement to protect 3.7 million acres of land in and around the Beni Biosphere Reserve. This was the first deal of its kind that has inspired many others.

There are countless other similar programs that have pushed the limits for conservation efforts over the last 25 years, and this new initiative will be no different. CI has partnered with eight different celebrities who have become part of Earth or, in Julia Roberts’ case, become Earth itself. The star-studded effort coupled with the innovative efforts of CI guarantees results for their current donation drive.