Husband secretly films wife’s shocking temper tantrum and uploads footage online

The pair, who are now separated, were arguing about spending the day on a boat when this man decided it was enoughA video of a woman’s temper tantrum has gone viral after her husband decided to film the moment he told her she couldn’t spend the day on the lake.

And after posting the footage online, he claims he walked out on his partner later that very same day.

Whitney and James Mongiat were married back in May 2012, but it didn’t take long before their happy marriage soon turned sour

In the clip, Whitney and James are seen fighting after Whitney is told that they can’t go and spend the day on their boat at the lake because James has a number of errands he has to run.

Whitney then screams loudly as she begs her husband to take her to the lake through a series of sobs.The nurse then kicks her legs repeatedly in the air yelling: “I never get my way, I just want one day where I can. One day! One day where I can go on the lake.

“Why can’t you just do that for me? Why is it so hard?”

Meanwhile, James, who claimed he hadn’t done anything wrong, was filming the whole thing.