After A Life Full Of Twists And Turns, A 94-Year-Old Man Receives His College Degree

In general, it takes the average college student 4-6 years to obtain a bachelor’s degree. For Anthony Brutto, it’s taken nearly 75 years of off-and-on study. His degree truly is the achievement of a lifetime. On May 17, 2015, Brutto became the oldest person ever to graduate from West Virginia University (WVU) with a Regents Bachelor of Arts degree after first enrolling as an engineering student way back in 1939. He was called away during WWII, and then came back for a brief stint before having to leave again to tend to his sick wife.

Brutto has always been a passionate woodworker, recalling that at age 11 he whittled himself a functional wooden key to the box of candy that his mother always kept locked. At that point he realized he could make useful things out of wood, and he sought to enhance his skills through formal education.