“Heterophobic” Taxi Driver Trolls Straight Passengers With ‘No Breeders’ Policy

A “heterophobic” taxi driver is turning the tables on homophobia by giving some unsuspecting passengers in Ireland, a small taste of the kind of discrimination some LGBT people face on a daily basis.

Taxi app Hailo, carried out a social experiment ahead of Ireland’s same-sex marriage referendum on Friday, May 22, by telling passengers he doesn’t give ‘heteros’ a ride in his cab while clearly pointing to a ‘no breeders’ sign on his dashboard.

“We don’t usually take heteros in the car, you know? Nothing against them, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a heterophobe,” the heterophobic driver explains to his confused passengers. “I have an uncle that’s straight, and we don’t talk to him that much anymore.”

“Saddam Hussein and Hitler, whose kids are they? Their mothers and fathers were straight, as far as we know,” he continues. “It was Cain and Abel, you know? It wasn’t Jane and Abel.”