Guinness World Record-breaking Strawberry Found in Japan and It’s Delicious

Everyone loves strawberries, right?

rawberries, a little red fruit–or big red fruit if we’re talking about the Guinness World Record-breaking strawberry recently harvested in Japan, Fukuoka.

It’s a mutant! A very heavy mutant.

The strawberry in question is so heavy that it shattered a 32-year-old record for the world’s heaviest strawberry previously.

The former record-holder berry was a massive 231 grams (0.51 pounds), but Fukuoka farmer Koji Nakao’s record-setting berry was 250 grams (0.55 pounds).

The key to the colossal berry is a growth deformity brought on by a response to frost damage, causing several berries to fuse together and create one monster-berry.

It’s like a whole box of strawberries in one piece of fruit.

The Fukuoka Amaou variety of strawberries are known nationwide for their large size and their sweet delectableness.

via rocketnews