Does size matter? Watch these ladies settle the debate once and for all

It’s an age-old question: Does size matter? (We are, of course, referring to penis size and how it impacts sexual pleasure for a woman. You know, just in case it wasn’t clear.)

A number of studies have been conducted in an effort to settle this debate once and for all. But recently assembled a group of women from the ages of 18 to 50 to see just how sizeist we really are.

The verdict? Although we ladies have different opinions on everything from haircuts to politicians, we’re all over the board when it comes to our preferences for the D.

A study in Kenya, for instance, found that men with larger penises are actually more likely to cheat on their female partners. While this has little to do with how a woman feels about penis size, it might be a reason to actually avoid well-endowed partners.

via Cut Video